Burkina Faso's Army Seized RSP Barracks Without Bloodshed

  • Army fired at barracks after president guard resisted
  • Interim government says no casualties after army attack

Burkina Faso’s army took control of the military camp of the elite unit responsible for a short-lived coup, marking the end of a crisis that led to the postponement of presidential elections in Africa’s fourth-biggest gold producer initially planned this month.

“It was quite a feat but we’ve conquered the camp without casualties,” interim President Michel Kafando told reporters late Wednesday. The national army fired at the barracks of the former presidential guard, located in the center of the capital, Ouagadougou, after it became clear that the unit would resist disarmament.

Soldiers of the disbanded presidential guard, known by its French acronym RSP, barged into a cabinet meeting and seized power in a Sept. 16 coup, days after a government body had recommended the unit be dissolved. The RSP was set up by former President Blaise Compaore, who fled the country in October last year amid mass protests against his 27-year rule. Compaore now lives in neighboring Ivory Coast.

Elections, organized by the interim government led by Kafando, have been postponed until November.

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