Boehner's `False Prophets,' VW Chief Wants Shakeup: Sunday Wrap

  • Hillary Clinton grows weary of talking about her e-mails
  • Separatists in Spain fall just short in regional election

U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and outgoing House Speaker John Boehner held little back in Sunday talk show appearances, with Clinton decrying the continuing attention to her e-mails while she was secretary of state and Boehner likening the right wing of his own party to “false prophets” hellbent on strategies that can’t work.

Volkswagen AG’s new CEO is pushing the company’s board to move now, not later, on a strategic shift he had in mind before the not-so-clean-diesel emissions scandal cost his predecessor his job.

Kremlin aides are urging Russia’s central bank to delay introducing tougher capital rules for lenders, arguing they may deepen the worst economic crisis in six years by prompting banks to cut corporate lending.

Separatist parties in Catalonia fell just short of a majority in regional elections, meaning the question of a potential breakaway from Spain will stay unsettled for the national elections.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during a tour and town hall meeting at Facebook Inc. headquarters, said he wants to connect 600,000 villages across India using fiber optic cable as part of his “dream” to expand the world’s largest democracy’s economy to $20 trillion.

From the preliminaries of the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York: U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad should be put on trial, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff pledged to cut her nation’s carbon emissions 37 percent by 2025, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said his country needs $150 billion in investment to spur economic growth and lower youth unemployment, and a bilateral meeting for Tuesday was arranged between U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuba’s Raul Castro.