More Volkswagen Engines May Be Implicated, German Minister Says

  • `Illegal' tampering may also involve 1.2-liter engines
  • Volkswagen pledges full cooperation in German probe: Dobrindt

Volkswagen AG may also have used software to fake diesel-emission tests in 1.2-liter engines, widening the number of vehicles under scrutiny, German Transportation Minister Alexander Dobrindt said.

“There’s also discussion now about 1.2-liter cars being affected,” Dobrindt said in a speech to parliament in Berlin on Friday. “At least for now we believe that possible manipulations can come to light here, too. That’s being further investigated in the current talks with Volkswagen.”

So far, the “illegal” tampering with emission controls affects about 2.8 million Volkswagen vehicles in Germany with 1.6-liter and 2-liter diesel engines, including light utility vans, Dobrindt said.

Germany’s motor-vehicle certification bureau has asked VW for “a binding statement on whether the company can redress the technical manipulations it has acknowledged so the vehicles can be returned to a condition that meets technical regulations,” said Dobrindt, who set up a government investigating commission this week after Volkswagen’s actions came to light.

Volkswagen “has pledged full support for the commission’s work and to cooperate in the investigation,” he said.

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