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These 10 Tips Will Help You Look Younger and Fresher This Fall

You need to treat your skin and hair differently in the fall and winter than you did in sweaty, steamy summer. This handy guide for men and women will help you make a smooth and youthful seasonal transition.

This season, as you unpack sweaters and restock your sock collection, consider investing in a few new friends for your bathroom counter, too.

Weather and indoor conditions in fall and winter do different things to your skin and hair than what happens during the summer months, so you should be prepared. Just because your youthful tan will eventually be replaced by a more faded complexion, it doesn't mean you have to look older and more tired. 

We scored tips on putting your best face forward this fall from New York-based dermatologist Whitney Bowe, M.D., celebrity hair guru Jordan Blackmore, and makeup artist Emily Kate Warren.


For Gents: 

Amp Up Your Moisturizer

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Lightweight gels and lotions that kept you oil-free through the dog days of summer won’t cut it when the chill rolls in, said Bowe. You’ll want to seek out heartier products that lock in hydration, such as ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm ($30, which pulls double-duty as an aftershave soother. For seriously dry or chapped skin (after you’ve sat through a late-November football game, for instance) bring out big guns like Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Oil Balm ($35, which is packed with ceramides, or fat that traps water beneath skin. That moisture will keep your skin looking plump and will reduce visible wrinkles.


Exfoliate With a Power Tool

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There’s a million reasons to exfoliate in colder weather (smaller-looking pores, brighter skin, more product absorption, increased cell turnover) and this oscilating brush does it better than your fingers. Clean-shaven guys should use it in the morning for a smoother razor glide and therefore, less burn and agitation. Clarisonic Alpha Fit ($189,


Add Structure to Hair

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“A lot of us keep summer styles loose and easy because of the humidity, but fall hair should look a bit sharper. Pomades can give you that shine and hold,” said Blackmore, who uses Oribe Original Pomade ($39, on his clients. (Small warning: pomades make it easy to run out the door with wet hair, but damp strands can become dry and brittle in the cold. Blackmore suggested applying coconut oil a few nights a week to keep hair hydrated and healthy.)  


Protect Your Lips 

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You won’t have to compulsively apply balm this winter if you start prepping now with such ingredients as jojoba and shea butter. V76 Lip Balm ($13, has all that viscous goodness but won’t leave lips shiny. 


Soften Your Scruff 

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Beards: still cool this fall. Not cool: prickly, itchy whiskers. A beard oil can remedy all that, and the scented varieties make this a kind of cologne for your face. Fan favorite Portland General Store Whisky Beard Oil ($30, is made with organic hemp seed and marula oil, and it has a soft, masculine scent.


For Ladies:

Fade Out Spots

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Now that your tan lines have faded, it’s a good time to nix any dark spots you picked up along the way, said Bowe. An even skin tone always makes you look younger and more refreshed. SK-11’s latest—the Power Brightening Specialist ($205,— targets the spots you can see and those that are still hidden beneath skin. 


Jump On the Sheet Mask Trend

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They’re good Instagram fodder (see: such celebs as Chrissy Teigen and Chris Pratt) but cloth masks work even better as skin quenchers. “Masks are great for this transition period. They help to revitalize your dehydrated skin by infusing the skin with moisture while simultaneously creating a humectant seal to prevent the moisture from evaporating,” said Bowe. Try Karuna's variety of soothing masks. ($28 for 4,


Pick Cool Colors 

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Sweater weather goes best with moodier makeup hues. If you’ve been scared of vampy lips in the past, now is the time to try: “This season I love a matte lip in a berry or wine tone,” said Warren, who recommends Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil (easy as using a jumbo crayon) in Damned. ($26,


Save Your Strands

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Salt water, chlorine, and sun have likely wreaked havoc on your hair, but you can slip in some repair work (especially as blowout season gears up) with a cream that will remedy split ends and breakage. (Try Bumble and Bumble’s Repair Blow Dry, $30, To do it yourself, Blackmore recommends a detoxifying apple cider vinegar rinse (three parts water, one part vinegar) followed by an avocado mask. Just mash up an avocado, blend it with coconut oil, and then let the mush sit on hair for 15 to 30 minutes.


Swap Bronzer for Blush

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Flushed cheeks (think: that perfect workout or ski slope glow) were a favorite on the fall runway, which means you can officially put away the St. Tropez. Tom Ford’s new Eye and Cheek Shadow ombre palletes ($65, are perfect for blending a natural, rosy complexion. 

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