Jeb Bush on Donald Trump: ‘I Can’t Figure the Guy Out’

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush told MSNBC he doesn’t know whether the party’s front runner, Donald Trump, has hurt his candidacy.

  • “Oh I don’t know,” he said during after Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate; “Gosh it’s hard to... I’m not a Trumpian. I don’t have a... I can’t figure the guy out”
  • Bush: “I took him on, and I’ll keep doing it”
  • Bush said he needs to distinguish himself through his record as a former Florida governor and not through being related to his father, former President George H.W. Bush, and brother, former President George W. Bush. “Everybody knows me as George’s boy and George’s brother, for which I’m proud,”; “But the Florida story is what I need to share.”
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