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How Carly Fiorina Did It: Pugilism With a Precise Touch

Her whole performance was tight and focused, in particular contrast to the front-runner, who seemed to suggest at one point that one can't take anything he says too literally.
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Carly Fiorina: Women Heard Clearly What Mr. Trump Said

The reviews are in: Carly Fiorina did a fantastic job at Wednesday's debate, many observers declaring her the winner and she herself admitting on the Today show, “I was very satisfied.”

Over three hours of questions and answers designed to encourage conflict, Fiorina distinguished herself as the outsider with facts and full sentences; she did not wait to be called on, so frustrating Chris Christie that one of the country’s premier interrupters was reduced to complaining about her tendency to interrupt. When Donald Trump tried in vain to make up with her, by appealing to her vanity, she answered with the merest of nods, declining to smile, then or through much of the night.