Trump, Carson Leading GOP in N.H.; Bush Falls to 5th, Poll Finds

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson jumps to 2nd place in New Hampshire, while Donald Trump holds on to lead, Monmouth poll finds.

  • Carson draws 17% vs 5% in July; Trump is backed by 28% vs 24%
    • John Kasich has 11% support, followed by Ted Cruz with 8%
  • Jeb Bush, who in July had been in 2nd place with 12%, now has 7% support, tied with Carly Fiorina
  • Rand Paul and Marco Rubio both earn 4%; Scott Walker and Chris Christie are tied with 2%; no others draw above 1%
  • Since 3 candidates “who have never held political office combine for a majority of support,” it appears that “GOP voters are using the 2016 nomination contest to air their grievances with party leadership,” Patrick Murray, director of polling institute, says in e-mailed statement
  • NOTE: Sept. 10-13 poll of 415 voters has error margin of +/- 4.8 ppts