O’Malley Says Clinton Should Have Apologized for E-Mail Sooner

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley says on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that rival Hillary Clinton has “finally come around to apologizing” for private e-mail use as secretary of state because people expect elected leaders to follow laws and rules.

  • “That’s the biggest concern that I think people express as I go living room to living room through New Hampshire and through Iowa,” he says.
  • “Wish that she had done that a couple months ago and that we were having debates so that we could move onto the other issues,” he says.
  • “She and her lawyers can answer those questions better than I can and that’s up to her,” he says of whether Clinton’s private e-mail use was allowed, as she says.
  • NOTE: O’Malley has called for DNC to expand its calendar of six primary debates, is stuck in single digits in New Hampshire and Iowa polls behind Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
  • NOTE: Clinton apologized for private e-mail use in ABC interview on Tuesday, has said voters on the campaign trail don’t raise the issue.