Donald Trump Turns Sights on Ben Carson

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump questions religious sincerity of Ben Carson, who has tied or placed second to Trump in several recent Iowa and national polls.

  • “I never heard faith was a big thing until just recently,” Trump says on CNN’s “New Day.” “I don’t think he’s a great religious figure.”
  • “I’m a big believer, big league, in God, the Bible,” Trump says.
  • Describes Carson, retired neurosurgeon, as “perhaps an OK doctor.”
  • “He was heavy into the world of abortion” and is suddenly “totally anti-abortion,” Trump says.
  • “Ben Carson is not going to be your next president, I can tell you,” “makes Bush look like the Energizer Bunny,” Trump says.
  • NOTE: Carson yesterday said “big difference” between him and Trump is “I don’t any way deny my faith in God,” according to Washington Post.
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