EU's Executive Arm Proposes Distributing Refugees Across Region

  • Plan would relocate 160,000 in Italy, Hungary and Greece
  • European Commission chief calls on EU members to share burden

Tensions Rise as Refugees Flood Europe

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Union’s executive arm, rolled out a proposal on Wednesday to distribute 160,000 refugees from war-torn areas in northern Africa and the Middle East across the EU.

Juncker urged the bloc’s 28 members to share the burdens -- financial, political and moral -- of caring for the asylum seekers who hazard the journey across the Mediterranean Sea. They will be resettled from Greece, Italy and Hungary, which are primary entry points into the EU. Here’s a breakdown of his proposal by country:

European Commission's proposal to distribute 120,000 refugees from Italy, Greece and Hungary.

Juncker took into consideration factors such as the country’s size and its economic might to determine the number of people the member state should take in. Here’s a per-capita look at the proposed distribution of refugees:

European Commission proposal to distribute 120,000 refugees from Italy, Greece and Hungary based on population size

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