Club for Growth Seeks Donors for Anti-Trump Ads: Washington Post

“What we’ve said to our members is that ‘Trump is a liability to the future of the nation,’ and we’ve asked them for support for Club for Growth Action to get that message out,” says Club for Growth President David McIntosh, the Washington Post reports.

  • Group hasn’t “taken anything off the table” in terms of ads to expose Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump “as not being an economic conservative, and as actually being the worst kind of politician”
  • In recent weeks Club for Growth has been seeking funding support from network of donors for anti-Trump ad blitz, the group says
    • The super-PAC arm, Club for Growth Action, would run the ads
  • NOTE: Trump on Tuesday tweeted “The president of the pathetic Club For Growth came to my office in N.Y.C. and asked for a ridiculous $1,000,000 contribution. I said no way!”