Jeb Bush Says His College Debt Plan Coming Within a Month

Plan “will dramatically create an environment of affordability without breaking the bank,” 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush says during townhall meeting in Miami.

  • Bush says student loan program has doubled in size in the passed 6 yrs to $1.2t, adding “college is not affordable in many places”
  • “There’s a way to do this where you’re requiring higher education institutions to reform themselves, where they don’t just build in more and more costs”
  • Bush says 60% of full-time students need more than 4 yrs to earn degree, and colleges “should call it a 6-yr degree”
    • “If you’re getting a 4-year degree, you ought to be able to get it in 4 years”
  • Most students don’t graduate in 4 yrs because “it’s hard to get all your courses, sometimes you change your mind, there’s not enough kind of up-front counseling to say. ’This is how you get your basic course work done’”
  • “This is hugely important to our success. A lot of young people are stuck. They can’t get a degree because it costs too much, the student loans are way too much”