Rubio: Sanctions For Cyber Espionage Among China Policy Plans

China has “subsidized exports, devalued currency, restricted imports and stolen technology on a massive scale,” Marco Rubio says in foreign policy speech in S.C.

  • “In short, China is doing everything it can to make the 21st century a Chinese century”
  • Says wouldn’t respond through “aggressive retaliation” but “by reinforcing our insistence on free markets and free trade”
    • Says would move forward with Trans-Pacific Partnership
    • Would “fortify our cyber defenses"; ‘‘identify and punish’’ Chinese nationals engaged in commercial espionage; impose sanctions on Chinese cos. that profit from intellectual property theft
  • Says would invite Chinese dissidents as guests to inauguration; pledges to ‘‘personally engage’’ with students in Hong Kong, ‘‘persecuted Tibetan monks and nuns”
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