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Why Now’s the Time to Buy a 1984-1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

The original luxury SUV is experiencing a boom in the vintage market, and prices will likely only go up when the new remake emerges in 2018
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Source: Jeep via Bloomberg

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer was the world’s first luxury SUV. Lined with plush leather, thick carpeting, a cushy ride, a fancy stereo, and power-operated everything—doors, seats, windows, even the tailgate glass—it was capable of transforming, at the flick of a switch, from an insulated freeway cruiser to an all-wheel-drive snow- and mud-conquering monster. The stylish family car was not only a prescient innovator in the marketplace, carving out space for players such as Land Rover’s Range Rover, but it also had something for everyone. 

“It has always been a bit of a preppy vehicle, at least as far as your part of the world, the Northeast, is concerned,” says Chip Miller, who, along with his founder father, Leon, runs Wagonmaster, a Kerrville (Texas) shop dedicated to buying and selling the world’s finest low-mileage vintage Grand Wagoneers. “When you get down here in our part of the world, it was a great ranch vehicle, to be able to drive around the ranch, and then still get on the highway and get into town, so we used them in agriculture.”