Jeb Bush: Hard for Anyone to Lecture Me on Immigration Politics

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush says his “record is pretty clear” on immigration.

  • “I’m married to a Mexican American, United States citizen. I’m immersed in the culture. I’m bilingual. I feel like I’m bi-cultural. I’m proud of the diversity of my own family. And my record, not just yesterday, but over my lifetime is one that people can look at,” Bush says at town hall event in Denver
  • Bush’s comments in response to question on whether he regrets using term “anchor babies” and then tying the term to the Asian community
  • NOTE: “Anchor babies,” a term considered derogatory by some people, is used to describe children born in U.S. to non-citizen parents for the primary purpose of gaining citizenship for the child; Bush yday, in response to criticism over his use of term, said phrase is “more related to Asian people,” prompting new round of attacks from Democrats and GOP rival Donald Trump
  • “I was talking about a very narrow-casted system of fraud where people are bringing pregnant women in to have babies to get birthright citizenship,” Bush says today in Denver
    • “It’s going to be really hard for me to get lectured to by anybody about the politics of immigration”
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