Biden White House Run Would Be ‘Good,’ Candidate Chafee Says

If Vice President Joe Biden decides to compete for the Democratic nomination next yr it would add a “very experienced” candidate to the mix, former Sen. Lincoln Chafee tells CNN.

  • “Voters like choices,” Democratic presidential candidate Chafee says, adding that he served on Foreign Relations Cmte with Biden when both were in Senate
  • Investigation into Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server while secretary of state is “big deal” and “obviously” having effect on Biden’s decision whether to run, Chafee says
    • “We all know as Democrats we have to win in 2016”
  • Clinton “obviously” vulnerable as e-mail controversy is “huge issue”
  • On immigration, Chafee reiterates call for Congress to bring back version of 2005 immigration legislation led by Sen.John McCain, R-Ariz., and the late Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy
  • NOTE: Chafee was among co-sponsors of bill that called for border security and would have allowed undocumented immigrants to work legally in U.S. after paying a fine
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