More Pain for Stocks, Trump Bashes Hedge-Fund Guys: Sunday Wrap

Here are highlights of breaking-news stories from around the world on Sunday:

The stocks rout continued in the Middle East and index futures opened lower, signaling more pain to come.

There was radio silence from the talks between North Korea and South Korea through the Asia night. As far as anyone knew, they were still talking.

U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump sounded more like socialist Bernie Sanders or Democrat Hillary Clinton than a Republican in badmouthing “hedge-fund guys” on the Sunday talk shows.

House Minority Leader Harry Reid backed the nuclear deal with Iran, putting President Obama within seven votes in the U.S. Senate of being able to overcome legislation to kill the accord.

Iran said it would raise oil production “at any cost” to defend its market share.

French investigators are still trying to piece together why a 25-year-old Moroccan tried to attack a Paris-bound train until being overpowered by passengers including two U.S. service members on leave.

Lebanon’s finances are in such bad shape that the government may not be able to pay public employees next month. Rioting sparked by garbage piling up in the streets continued for a second day.

And giving hope to gray-hairs in carts everywhere, 51-year-old Davis Love III won the Wyndham Championship, becoming the third-oldest golfer to win a PGA tournament.