Foreigners Bought C$8.51 Billion of Canada Securities in June

International investment in Canadian securities rebounded in June on record purchases of money-market paper, government figures showed.

Foreigners bought C$8.51 billion ($6.47 billion) more of the country’s securities than they sold in June, after May’s net divestment of C$5.46 billion, Statistics Canada said Monday in Ottawa. January to June, net purchases totaled C$56.9 billion, compared with C$39.4 billion in the same period in 2014.

Net purchases of Canadian money-market paper were a record C$12 billion in June, mostly private corporate and provincial government paper. Foreigners also added C$5.33 billion of Canadian stocks.

Overall purchases of the country’s bonds declined by C$8.86 billion in the month, led by record divestment, mostly retirements, of provincial government debt, the agency said.

Canadian investors bought a net C$8.57 billion of foreign securities in June, led by countries other than the U.S.