Brazil Former President Urges Rousseff to Resign or Fix Crisis

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff ought to resign or present a clear plan to emerge from crisis, the country’s former head of state, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, said.

“If the president isn’t capable of a grand gesture (resignation or an honest admission that she erred and is able to point to paths of national recovery), we will watch the increasing dismantling of the government and Congress,” Cardoso, honorary president of the country’s biggest opposition party, the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, wrote on his Facebook page Monday.

Cardoso’s comments come a day after more than half a million Brazilians took to the streets to denounce corruption and economic mismanagement amid calls for Rousseff’s impeachment or resignation. With inflation and the deepest recession in 25 years eroding her popularity, Rousseff has faced opposition in Congress to shore up the country’s fiscal accounts, a move she says is necessary to recover growth.

“What is most significant about the demonstrations, like the ones we had yesterday, is the persistence of the popular feeling that the government, though legal, is illegitimate,” Cardoso said.