Wall Street Getting Bipartisan Focus on Campaign Trail: Kelleher

Financial regulation is emerging as a “prominent” issue in 2016 race as both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates seek to tap voters’ sense that Wall Street still poses a “threat and a danger” to country, Better Markets CEO Dennis Kelleher says in interview.

  • GOP contender Rick Perry gave speech last month on financial regulation that could have been given by Sen.Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate who identifies as a socialist: Kelleher
  • NOTE: Perry said banks can’t be bailed out in future and that ordinary Americans were “screwed” in prior crisis
  • Sen. Ted Cruz, another Republican competitor, has spoken out on “crony capitalism” in Washington and the “favors” given to Wall Street and big business
  • Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley has been a “leader” in talking specifically about what he would do to regulate Wall Street and eliminate risk: Kelleher
  • Kelleher says while Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has given broad economic speech, she still needs to provide specifics on her Wall Street-related proposals
    • “She has yet to detail for the American people exactly what she would do as president in a specific way in which she should could be held accountable for it”
    • “We are all waiting to see she has to say”
  • NOTE: Better Markets is nonprofit group that promotes public interest in financial markets
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