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The Fragile State of Housing in Ferguson

The city is falling behind the county, state, and nation in terms of the recovery.
A yard sign in Ferguson seen in October 2014.
A yard sign in Ferguson seen in October 2014.Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

One year after the death of Michael Brown, the community of Ferguson, Missouri, is still enduring the shocks of the police shooting that claimed his life. Some residents say, though, that the community is closer-knit today than ever—that they’d never leave Ferguson.

By one measure, many residents may not have much of a choice. Foreclosures in Ferguson jumped by nearly 73 percent between the first half of 2015 and the last half of 2014. Although the real figure of foreclosures is small—less than 100 in total between January and June 2015 for Ferguson—the rate stands out compared with rates for Missouri overall or nationwide.