Here's a Chart That Every Worker in America Should Be Happy About

More and more bargaining power coming for workers

Every Worker in America Should Love This Chart

The latest Small Business Optimism Survey from the National Federation of Independent Business was published on Tuesday morning. It showed that optimism rose in July and that an increased percentage of companies plans to raise wages. One question asked by the survey is: What's your biggest business problem right now? Back during the crisis, the number of companies citing weak sales as their most pressing challenge soared. That makes sense; in an economic collapse, a company's biggest problem is going to be a lack of customers. Now that the issue has faded, more companies are saying their biggest problem has to do with labor quality. As the economy improves and the labor market gets tighter, it's harder and harder to find good employees. If you're a worker, this is unalloyed good news: It means more demand from employers and more bargaining power once you get the job.

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