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Trump Says ‘I Want to Put H&R Block Out of Business’: MSNBC

“It would be a dream of mine to put H&R Block right out of business. They don’t deserve to be in business, frankly,” Republican Donald Trump says on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

  • Trump says simplifying tax code would be one of his domestic priorities as president; “You can say fair tax, you can say flat tax, you can say 100 different taxes, or you can say simplification”
  • Says his tax documents “would literally probably be 10 feet high if I put them together, it is so complicated and so terrible”
  • Says other domestic priorities would be cutting costs of environmental and education agencies, creating incentives for inner-city investment and jobs
  • NOTE: At Republican presidential debate last week Mike Huckabee proposed “fair tax” that would replace most federal taxes with single national retail sales tax collected by states; Ben Carson propsed system in which everyone would pay 10% of their income with no tax breaks