Trump Says He And Bernie Sanders Share Views on Trade

U.S. getting “ripped off left and right on trade” is “one of my big things, we’re getting killed by China,” Republican Donald Trump says in telephone interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

  • Trump says he was watching fellow presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders talk about trade and “I said, ‘you know, I think I can take that paragraph and just use it in my speech’”
  • “Now here’s the difference between Bernie Sanders and myself. I negotiate. I will make great deals with China. He can’t do that,” Trump says, “but he knows the problem, at least”
  • On question of equal pay for women, Trump says he’s saving answers about his policy positions until a future debate
    • “All I can say is on women’s issues and women’s health issues there will be nobody better than Donald Trump. But I’ll be coming out with some policy on that,” he says; “I just don’t want to discuss it now”
  • NOTE: Sanders, a Vermont senator and self-described socialist, opposes Trans-Pacific Partnership and has challenged Democratic rival Hillary Clinton to come off the fence about it