Britons More Positive on Immigrants While Worrying Over Services

Britons’ attitudes toward immigration have become more positive in the past four years, though they’re more concerned than people in other countries about its effect on public services, an Ipsos poll found.

A total of 28 percent of British respondents said immigrants had a very or fairly positive impact, up 9 points from 2011, according to the survey conducted in 24 countries. That was above a global average of 21 percent, the polling company said in an e-mailed statement Friday. More Britons also said immigration was good for the economy -- 38 percent as opposed to 27 percent in 2011.

Still, 68 percent said immigration was placing too much pressure on public services, making Britain the second most-concerned country of those surveyed after Turkey. More than half -- 54 percent -- said immigration is causing Britain to change in ways they don’t like.

Ipsos questioned 17,533 adults in 24 countries from June 19 to July 3 for the survey.