Trump: U.S. Single-Payer Health System Probably Wouldn’t Work

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump tells MSNBC that while a single-payer system functions “incredibly well” in other nations, such as Scotland and Canada, it probably wouldn’t work as well in U.S.

  • Calls Obamacare a “disaster”; says he would work to create more competition among health insurers
  • “Insurance companies are making a fortune on Obamacare”; “this was done, almost you could say, for the insurance companies,” he says about President Obama’s signature 2010 law overhauling the U.S. health-care system
  • Important to care for people lacking funds; would “work out deals with hospitals”
  • NOTE: Trump last week told CNN that Obamacare is “very bad” and should be replaced with something “terrific”
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