Ten of the Best Oil-Based Beauty Products

Inspired by the dewy faces on fashion runways and renewed interest in natural remedies, sales of oil-based products are up 22 percent this year, to $58.5 million. Here’s the best pick for any purpose
Photographer: Will Anderson for Bloomberg Businessweek; Prop Stylist: Priscilla Jeong; Data: NPD Group

1. Hair

Apply Bumble & Bumble’s hairdresser’s invisible oil to damp hair to reduce frizz and flyaways. A half-pump is enough—more will make your locks a bit stringy. $39

2. Beard

This lifts and softens stubble to make shaving easier. Spinster Sisters preshave oil includes avocado to treat dry skin and olive oil to soothe sunburns. This one’s a given for dudes, though all the others are guy-friendly, too. $18

3. Face

Drunk Elephant virgin marula oil—made from an African tree fruit—is thought to have anti-aging benefits. Your morning regime will feel like a spa treatment. $72

4. Makeup Remover

There’s moisturizing shea butter in L’Occitane’s cleansing oil. When you add water, it turns magically milky. Makeup removers like this are a pro secret: They easily take off waterproof mascara, no rubbing required. $22

5. Nails

Got brittle tips or peeling cuticles? Stash Vapour Organic Beauty nail and cuticle oil in your desk drawer, then brush lightly over each finger. $34

6. Fragrance

Notes of tuberose, jasmine, and iris in Diptyque’s De Son perfume oil roll-on give off a floral musk. Keep in your purse; it won’t spill. For those with sensitive skin, oil-based scents are less irritating than standard alcohol ones. $55

7. Body

A dry oil, which means it hardens to a film after exposure to air. That makes Carita fluide de beauté 14 a good allover option. The spritz is intense, though, and so is the scent. $69

8. Lips

The Yves Saint Laurent Volupté tint-in-oil hydrates, plumps, and fills in lines while washing your pout in one of eight semi-opaque shades. For summer, try the kicky orange. $32

9. Sunscreen

Cream sunblock is annoying to apply; aerosols are bad for the earth. Vita Liberata’s dry oil SPF 50 is an ideal go-between. But put it on outside, or the whole room will get wet. $45

10. Bath

Part of the Aveda stress-fix line, it’s got lavender and sage from the French Alps—two aromatherapies thought to improve mood. This is strong, so use no more than a shake or two. After you’re clean, try a few drops as a massage oil or body moisturizer. $30

What if I have oily skin?

Even better! Products like these quench your skin, so it won’t overproduce its own natural moisture. It may take a week for your complexion to adjust.

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