Jeb Bush Says Human Activity Contributes to Climate Change

U.S. has a responsibility to adapt to “what the possibilities are without destroying our economy,” Jeb Bush says in e-mailed statement, Bloomberg BNA’s Anthony Adragna reports.

  • “I think it’s appropriate to recognize this and invest in the proper research to find solutions over the long haul but not be alarmists about it”
    • “We should not say the end is near, not deindustrialize the country, not create barriers for higher growth not just totally obliterate family budgets”
  • Says EPA “seems intent on pushing its authority beyond legal limits” and “I intend to change that”
    • Says proposed power plants rule “irresponsible and ineffective"; Clean Power Plan ‘‘oversteps state authority”
  • Says favors phasing out renewable fuel standard; “2022 is the law and is probably the good break point”