Scott Walker Says He’ll Skip Florida Primary: RealClearPolitics

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker said at private event in St. Louis that he’ll focus on Midwestern states with primaries around same time, including Mo., Ill. and Ohio, RealClearPolitics reports, citing people present during his remarks.

  • Walker says it doesn’t make sense for him to try to compete in Fla. with opponents Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, who are from the state, according to second person present at event
    • NOTE: Fla., Mo., Ill. and Ohio are all scheduled to hold primary on March 15
  • Walker also thinks Republican primary contest could extend into April 2016, according to person at event
  • NOTE: After telling Laura Ingraham in May that he may pass over Fla. primary, Walker walked back remarks, saying “If I didn’t think I could compete, I wouldn’t be here today” during June Fla. visit

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