Lindsey Graham Went With the iPhone

The South Carolina senator's staffers have Donald Trump to thank for bringing their boss into the smart phone era.

The new white iPhone 4 is displayed at the Apple store April 28, 2011 in Palo Alto, California. The long awaited white iPhone, first announced in June of 2010, went on sale worldwide for the first time today.

Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images

He's thinking different. 

Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham said Sunday that he has gotten an iPhone in the wake of fellow candidate Donald Trump revealing his old cell number last week. 

"I'm sure Apple stock will soar," the South Carolina senator said, appearing on ABC's This Week. 

Earlier this month, after Graham responded to Trump's questioning Arizona Senator John McCain's status as a war hero by calling Trump a "jacka--," Trump, who said he obtained Graham's cell number after the senator had called to ask him for money, read it aloud at a public event. Afterward, Graham responded with a tweet:

Graham then made a Web video with the Independent Journal Review, demonstrating many ways he could destroy the flip phone associated with the compromised number.  

Graham has said in the past that he has never so much as sent an e-mail and he added Sunday he's not sure he's going to start now. Still, his staff should be pleased with the development, Graham said Sunday. 

"Donald Trump's done something my staff has been trying to get me to do, and that's get a new phone," he said.  

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