Twitter Tool Lets Advertisers Plan Their Spending for Events

Twitter Inc. is making it easier for advertisers to spend their money during live events.

Twitter is setting up a calendar of upcoming events within the ad-sales section of its website so that marketers can schedule ad campaigns in advance, with data on the potential audience size, the company said Thursday. Before, advertisers that wanted to spend money during an event such as the Super Bowl or Father’s Day would have to plan the parameters manually. Now, the timing and hashtags for an event are automatically included in the tool.

“We’re removing some of the manual work they’re doing and automating it so it’s much easier for them,” Ameet Ranadive, senior director of revenue products at Twitter, said in an interview.

While Twitter, which lets people post and share 140-character messages, has billed itself as a destination for live events for a while, it’s just now starting to improve its products to capitalize on that. The San Francisco-based company is also working on a tool, called Project Lightning, that will group the best content about events that are happening into channels that make it easier to watch them unfold on Twitter. The moves come as Twitter faces pressure from Wall Street to keep advertisers engaged.

By automating some tools, Twitter can better compete with Facebook Inc. and technology companies. Twitter’s advertisers have been looking for ways to plan, track and measure their spending on Twitter more easily, so they can ensure a return on investment.

Twitter, temporarily led by co-founder Jack Dorsey after the departure of its chief executive officer, will report second-quarter earnings on July 28.

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