Yemen Rebel Shelling Kills 43, Injures 120 in Port City of Aden

Houthi rebels and their allies bombarded a suburb north of Yemen’s port city of Aden with missile and mortar fire, killing 43 people and injuring 120, a government official said.

Women and children were among those killed in the attack on the Dar Sa’ad district, al-Khader al-Aswar, director of the health ministry’s office in Aden, said by telephone.

Pro-government forces backed by Saudi airstrikes continued to battle rebels for control of parts of Aden after announcing Friday that they had retaken the city.

Saudi Arabia, a Sunni Muslim power, and its allies began a bombing campaign against the Houthis in March to reinstate the government of President Abdurabuh Mansur Hadi. The exiled government fled Aden as the Shiite Muslim rebels, who control Sana’a, pushed toward the southern port city.

Since then, more than 1,600 civilians have been killed in the fighting and more than one million displaced, according to the United Nations, prompting warnings of an humanitarian disaster. A UN-brokered cease-fire last week failed to take hold.

In the north, a Saudi-led coalition airstrike killed 13 people and wounded 20, the rebel-controlled Saba news service said. The attack targeted a military base in the city of Yareem, the news service said.

The Houthis are allied with supporters of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was replaced by Hadi under a Saudi-brokered accord in 2011. Yemen’s army has fractured, with units split between the warring sides.