The Definitive H&H Scott Walker Scouting Report

Can he sustain his status as a crossover conservative if he continues to let his rightward moves on cultural issues obscure his desire to focus on economics and national security?

Scott Walker Joins `Fight` for 2016 GOP Nomination

What he’s got: Executive experience as two-term governor of Wisconsin; victories at the polls three times in four years (including his 2012 recall election), against fierce and well-funded opposition in a politically divided state; status as a hero among conservatives due to his battles with public- and private-sector unions over collective bargaining and right-to-work; national donor network arising out of the preceding; a fresh batch of legislative wins on issues that excite the right; potential to garner support from Republican establishmentarians, Tea Party stalwarts, and Christian conservatives; proximity to and pronounced strength in Iowa; better skills in donor salons and greater ease on the big stage than many expected.

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