Two Die in German Drive-By Shootings as ‘Disturbed’ Man Arrested

Two people died after an armed man opened fire from a passing vehicle in southern Germany.

Police arrested a suspect, identified by police as Bernd G., after two mechanics overpowered him when he entered a gas station in Bad Windsheim wielding a pistol, authorities said Friday at a press conference in the Bavarian town of Ansbach.

The suspect, born in 1968, doesn’t have a criminal record and isn’t related to the victims, police said. He uttered “confused remarks” after his arrest, prosecutor Gerhard Neuhof told reporters. The man will undergo a psychiatric examination, Neuhof said.

The gunman shot an elderly woman on the street of the town of Leutershausen-Tiefenthal from a silver Mercedes-Benz convertible before speeding off, according to a police statement. A short time later, he shot a bicyclist in nearby Rammersdorf who also died. He also fired at or threatened a farmer and another motorist though neither was injured, police said.

“I’m deeply affected and shocked,” Siegfried Hess, the mayor of Leutershausen, said Friday by phone after visiting the victims’ families. “You only know these things from movies and now we’re affected. Only yesterday I talked to a friend about how happy I am that we have strict gun laws.”

The elderly woman and her husband were due to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in October, Hess told reporters.