Greylock Partners Q&A: ‘There's Too Much Money Out There Right Now’

David Sze and John Lilly talk bubbles and burn rates

Greylock's Sze: There's Not a Lot of Fear in the Market

This year, venture-capital firm Greylock Partners celebrates its 50th anniversary. The company has backed some of the biggest successes in technology history, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Workday. How does the firm ensure that the next 50 years are as successful? Emily Chang sat down with partners David Sze and John Lilly on Bloomberg Television's Studio 1.0, which airs July 9 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT. As the valuations of so-called tech “unicorns” soar, they said investors are taking on significant risk and burn rates are high, but that doesn't mean the next Google isn't being built somewhere.

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