Sprint’s Chief Gets Profane in Bite-Back Tweets @JohnLegere

T-Mobile US Inc. Chief Executive Officer John Legere, the self-styled rebel who has garnered 1.5 million Twitter followers for his snarky posts, got some blowback on the social-media site from a rival CEO.

Legere, commenting Wednesday about Sprint’s introduction of a new $80 “All-In” service plan, tweeted: “#allin is a swing and a miss, guys!! #sprintlikehell”

Sprint Corp.’s Chief Executive Officer Marcelo Claure responded Wednesday: “I am so tired of your Uncarrier bullshit when you are worse than the other two carriers together.” Claure was referring to Verizon Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc., the wireless giants that are the target of Legere’s #DefeatDuopoly tweets.

It’s a change of tone for Claure and Legere, who had so far expressed a mutual admiration for one another as the heads of the two smallest nationwide wireless carriers. “Think I hit a nerve at end of rough week? ;),” Legere wrote in one tweet.

Online, Legere doesn’t keep a low profile. He hosts live videos of himself at his office on Periscope, shares pictures of his various trips to company stores and responds directly to customers that complain about T-Mobile on Twitter.

For Legere, living large on public display hasn’t hurt his company’s popularity. T-Mobile added more than 4 million new monthly phone subscribers last year, more than all the other three carriers combined.

“Isn’t it cute that Marcelo’s been following me on twitter since joining? Now he’s starting to sound like me to get attention - it’s working!,” Legere wrote Thursday.