South African Communist Party Denies Rift With President Zuma

The South African Communist Party denied a newspaper report that it regrets helping to remove Thabo Mbeki and replacing him with Jacob Zuma as president of the ruling African National Congress.

The party called the report in the Johannesburg-based Mail & Guardian “a reflection of gutter journalism,” in an e-mailed statement Friday. The newspaper’s aim is to split the political alliance between the communists, the ANC and the Congress of South African Trade Unions, it said.

The newspaper cited a party discussion document that listed problems in the alliance including personalizing politics and creating leadership cults.

“All this extract seeks to do is to warn generally about the dangers of personalizing our politics, a matter that we are all generally agreed upon in our alliance,” the SACP said. “Our support and confidence in the collective leadership of our alliance, including the president, has always been a principled one.”

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