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Poll: What Limits Should We Impose on Drones?

Is it okay to use quadcopters for advertising, traffic management, or police surveillance?
relates to Poll: What Limits Should We Impose on Drones?
Julian Braun

Using drones to light outdoor events or notify drivers of hazardous conditions seems innocent enough. But what about having them flash public advertisements or patrol the streets for the police? Are those things acceptable?

Seriously, Julian Braun wants to know. For his degree at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, the 34-year-old Berlin resident is polling opinions about what we should allow quadcopters to do and not do. He’s requesting people to rate hypothetical drone jobs on three scales: realistic to unrealistic, useful to superfluous, and comforting to threatening. “We should start to ask ourselves today,” he writes on the project page, “how much we want to allow drones to invade our lives.”