Erdogan Urges Quick Formation of Coalition Government

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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged political party leaders to form a coalition government as soon as possible to avoid testing the patience of the economy.

In televised remarks to exporters on Sunday, Erdogan warned against dragging Turkey into political instability and said the economy seems prepared to accept a coalition government.

“Our parties and their chairmen must act responsibly and in particular avoid testing the limits of the economy’s patience,” he said. “This country has no tolerance for taking a step backward or being stopped.”

The ruling AK Party, which Erdogan founded, lost its parliamentary majority in June 7 balloting after being hurt by an economic slowdown, a corruption probe and Erdogan’s ambition to concentrate power in the president’s office. Turkey’s three opposition parties have refused to join a government unless Erdogan gives up his push for enhanced powers and accepts the president’s largely ceremonial role.

“I know how to exercise my powers under the constitution quite well,” he said. “I don’t need orders from anyone on this.”

Erdogan said he may be forced to call a new vote if parties can’t form a coalition within 45 days of the election of a new parliament speaker. That’s expected in late June or early July. Erdogan said he believed the economy is resilient to withstand a new election or delay in forming the government.

“If politicians can’t solve this, then the nation will,” Erdogan said. “I believe Turkey won’t tolerate wasted time.”