Ex-Andrade Gutierrez Executive Plans to Surrender in Probe

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Former head of Andrade Gutierrez SA’s oil and gas division, who had an arrest warrant issued by a judge on Friday, isn’t involved in corruption and will turn himself in this afternoon, he said in a telephone interview from Sao Paulo.

“The arrest is absurd,” said Paulo Roberto Dalmazzo, one of eight executives who were delivered preventative arrest warrants. “I testified twice. I was, and am, collaborating.”

The police didn’t find him because he lives in Rio de Janeiro and was on a business trip in Sao Paulo, Dalmazzo said. He joined the Andrade Gutierrez’s industrial division in September 2010 and was responsible for relationships with companies including Petroleo Brasileiro SA and Vale SA, and was named head of the oil and gas division in January 2012 before leaving the group in October 2013, he said.

“I only stayed with the company for three years,” he says. “I have nothing to do with this situation.”

Former Petrobras refining head Paulo Roberto Costa said in a series of testimonies, starting in August 2014, that he negotiated directly with Dalmazzo on how to facilitate contracts with Andrade Gutierrez. Costa also said Dalmazzo was aware of bribe payments.

Dalmazzo says he knows Costa from his role as an intermediary with Petrobras, but says he was never part of any illegal activity.

Police were carrying out 59 court orders related to the Carwash probe on Friday in four states, including four arrest warrants and eight preventative arrests.