Inside the Wall Street Charity Event That Has Raised Nearly $2 Million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

The finance world takes time to give back

After work last Thursday, much of Wall Street headed over to the Highline Ballroom in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. The finance world takes part in a number of charity events each year, and one of those is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital's annual "Rock For Hope" concert raising money for children with cancer. 


Chris Bondy and Rick Feinstein. Rick is an event co-chair and Chris is a committee member and band member of Big House Groove.

"We all have kids, and most of us were blessed with healthy children so it feels great to give back," event co-chair Rick Feinstein said when asked why he got involved in this charity in particular. 

This was the event's fifth year, raising $220,000 just last week and bringing the total to nearly $2 million. The Wall Street community has been involved with St Jude for more than 25 years, raising over $40 million at a number of events across the city. One of the largest is "Wall Street Taste of New York" where tickets cost about $1,000 a piece. 

Here are some photos of the concert and charity auction from last week:

Photographer: Julie Verhage/Bloomberg Business

The event had a few hundred people with firms like Citi, UBS, and Barclays buying tables for upwards of $10,000. Goldman Sachs was the headliner sponsor for the 3rd year in a row.

Photographer: Julie Verhage/Bloomberg Business

This jersey sold for nearly $300. Other hot items included a Derek Jeter Legacy Set that sold for close to $700 and a Slash signed Les Paul guitar went for $4500. 

Pete Rizzi from Elliott Management is a co-chair and a member of one of the bands.

Pete Rizzi from Elliott Management is a co-chair and a member of one of the bands

Source: St Jude

Katherine Herrman, Kate Bondy, Christine Kinney and Monique Sock were guests of one of the bands. 

Photographer: Julie Verhage/Bloomberg Business

Chad Kelley (UBS), Jessica Rosner (TSSP) and Cheryl Rosney (TSSP).

Photographer: Julie Verhage/Bloomberg Business

Dan Greenhaus, Erin McCarthy and Seth Gollin from BTIG. Erin is one of the co-chairs of the event. 

Photographer: Julie Verhage/Bloomberg Business