Poland Probes Internet Leak of Files From 2014 Taping Scandal

Polish security officials are probing a leak of files related to the investigation of an eavesdropping scandal that rocked the country last year, a government official said on Tuesday.

The Internal Security Agency is checking whether intelligence services’ operations were compromised after documents containing the names and addresses of officers involved in the investigation were posted on the Internet, Jacek Cichocki, an intelligence services coordinator, said on radio RMF FM in Warsaw.

The new probe revives memories of the scandal last year that led to the ouster of Poland’s interior and foreign ministers. Zbigniew Stonoga, the owner of a car dealership, shared scans of files on Monday on Facebook that he said were documents from the investigation into the eavesdropping case. They’re part of more than 20 files from that probe, Prosecutors Office spokeswoman Renata Mazur said.

Stonoga told TVP Info television in an interview that he isn’t the source of the leak and is only sharing what he found on servers outside Poland. Stonoga’s telephone was busy during repeated attempts to reach him by Bloomberg on Tuesday.

“This is an unprecedented situation, even in the history of Polish leaks,” said Cichocki, who is also the head of Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz’s office. “It’s a very bad situation. I’d like to stress that such leaks destroy the order that we should all protect.”

The taping scandal erupted a year ago when secretly recorded conversations between leading Polish policy makers in a Warsaw restaurant were leaked to a local magazine.