Supercut: In-Flight Safety Videos That Make You Want to Fly

The FAA has no rules governing just how zany an airline can get

The Wackiest In-Flight Safety Videos in Under Two Minutes

If it seems as though many airlines’ safety videos have gotten more creative in recent years, that’s because they have. From New Zealand to America, to China and beyond, the mandatory safety briefing has become a source of innovation at many airlines. As portrayed in the videos, some crew members have stripped; others sing and dance like Broadway veterans.

“We encourage airlines to be creative with the safety briefing to better capture the attention of the passengers,” says Les Dorr, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration. In the U.S., the videos must convey basic information you’ve heard a million times: smoking rules, location of the exits, the use of flotation equipment, what happens with oxygen masks.

But the FAA has no rules governing just how zany an airline can get in transmitting this information. The goal is to make you look up from your magazine or tablet and actually watch the video—and if you get some chuckles while crammed into the middle seat in the last row, well, all the better, from the carrier’s point of view. Maybe your flight will be a bit more pleasant.

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