Disney Unveils Wearable Marvel Toys With Iron Man Repulsor

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Walt Disney Co. unveiled a line of wearable toys that interact with each other and other products, starting with its Marvel comic-book characters.

The wrist-worn Iron Man “Repulsor” uses radio waves, infrared light and Bluetooth wireless technology to link with small vehicles, action figures or fire at other kids wearing their own versions, Burbank, California-based Disney said Tuesday at a briefing in Los Angeles.

Hasbro Inc. will make and distribute the Playmation toys designed by Disney, a rarity for a company that usually just licenses its characters to other manufacturers. They will be available in October in five-piece starter packs costing $120. Additional toys will be available at $15 and up.

The combination of technology and traditional play is one parents have been asking for, according to Leslie Ferraro, president of Disney’s consumer products division.

“They want their kids to run around like they did,” Ferraro said at the briefing. “They want them to be more active when playing.”

More products, including Hulk hands, will be available in November, the company said, and toys based on Star Wars characters will come out next year, following the December release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

In 2017, Disney follows with Playmation products tied to the animated hit “Frozen,” a sign that a sequel may come out then as well. Paul Roeder, a spokesman for the film studio, said a release date hasn’t been announced.

In a demonstration, Disney staffers and guests sneaked around a room, hiding behind pillows and firing away at a villainous action figure named Iron Skull who shuttered and popped off his stand when hit.