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There’s Such a Thing as a ‘Driving Jacket,’ and Now’s the Time to Get One

It’s early summer, and you want to put the top down. We have just the way to stay warm in style

Did you hear the news? Bentley has commissioned four Savile Row design houses to create bespoke driving jackets for the discerning connoisseur. Don’t know what a driving jacket is? Why, it’s a jacket made to be worn while driving, of course.

The jackets are made from the finest materials—they come from artisans with royal warrants, after all—but their prime inspiration is the driver himself, sewn with long backs, fluid armholes, and breathable fabrics. They’re perfect for early summer in a convertible, when you want to get on the road but the weather isn’t quite warm enough. These particular jackets were commissioned from Dege & Skinner, Gieves & Hawkes, Henry Poole, and Huntsman in honor of a Bentley-sponsored exhibition of Savile Row tailoring that’s being held at the British ambassador’s residence in Washington, D.C.

Clockwise from top left: designs by Dege & Skinner, Gieves & Hawkes, Huntsman, and Henry Poole for Bentley

The Bentley-commissioned Savile Row jackets (clockwise from top left): designs by Dege & Skinner, Gieves & Hawkes, Huntsman, and Henry Poole

Source: Bentley via Bloomberg

OK, so you know what a driving jacket is, and you’re ready to buy a new one. Here are eight formulated for life on the road:

Bentley Bespoke Driving Jacket — Henry Poole Edition

Source: Bentley via Bloomberg

The fabric is pure cashmere Donegal, a very traditional cloth. It’s cut in a classic line by a house built on seven generations of family ownership, but it looks crisp and clean to wear even in 2015. Something you can choose for a brisk afternoon. Style Tip: Wear it in the fall.; custom-tailored and priced upon request

Porsche All-Weather Business Coat

Source: Porsche via Bloomberg

This is a somber coat ideal for covering a suit. It’s breathable, but it’s totally wind- and waterproof. Style Tip: Wear it with slim-fitting pants.; $630

Ferrari Cavallino Rampante Bomber

Source: Ferrari via Bloomberg

Here’s the bomber for when you want an iconic cut with a twist. It’s made with sheepskin and nappa leather, and it’s exclusive to Ferrari. Style Tip: Wear it with white.; $1,500

Lamborghini Navy Blue Classic Trench

Source: Lamborghini via Bloomerg

The long navy line of this trench is perfect for a tall, slim man. It has a hidden zipper and wool lining. Style Tip: Wear it with a hat.; $801

Brooks Brothers & Beretta Cotton Canvas Jacket

Source: Beretta via Bloomberg

Little did you know that famous gunmaker Beretta makes brilliant field jackets. The pockets, rainproof inner cuffs, and Alcantara trim are a plus. Style Tip: Wear it with denim underneath.; $498

Carhartt Sandstone Ridge Sherpa-Lined in Frontier Brown

Source: Carhartt via Bloomberg

Long and sherpa-lined. Made of high-grade cotton, with no bulging hood to get in the way of your driving. Do you need to know more? Style Tip: Wear it with the cuffs rolled.; $130

Levi’s Trucker Jacket

Source: Levi's via Bloomberg

There’s a reason this is a universal icon. It’s simple, durable, and cut perfectly straight down the back to enhance mobility. It’s also blessedly inexpensive. Style Tip: Wear it with a white tee.; $68

Schott Cowhide Casual Racer

Source: Schott via Bloomberg

This is the lightweight modern biker jacket you’ve been waiting for. It’s chrome-tanned and drum-dyed. Better yet? It’s made proudly in the good ol’ USA. Style Tip: Wear it like Steve McQueen.; $650

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