First Clinton-Bush Debate Should Add Some Clarity

What we'll find out when those candidates square off at their podiums.
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The stage is set prior to the first presidential debate at Magness Arena at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado, October 3, 2012.


This is an excerpt from Bloomberg's daily Opening Line column.

Welcome to the first 2016 presidential debate between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Jeb Bush. We look forward to a frank and insightful exchange of views.

The first question comes from ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos: Governor Bush, if you ran a charitable foundation, and I gave money to it, would that be wrong?

Bush: George, I definitely would take your money, and so would Hillary Clinton and anybody else who ran a foundation. By the way, guess who else thinks you should give me money? George W. Bush. So, news flash to the world, there’s no big space between me and my brother on this.

Stephanopoulos: Secretary Clinton, would you …

Bush: Can I just add something? I may have interpreted the question wrong. I was talking about, would I approve of giving money to charity, not, you know, would donations be made and accepted by me on behalf of myself, knowing what was known and wasn’t known then and now. My brother agrees with this, by the way.

Stephanopoulos: OK, now it’s Secretary Clinton’s …

Bush: Oh one more thing -- sorry, I’ll be brief. Here’s the deal: That’s a hypothetical question, George, and that’s a disservice. But yes, I mean no -- knowing what is known and knowable, no, I wouldn’t take your money, but you can give it to my brother, between whom there is no big space and I.

Stephanopoulos: Secretary Clinton, it’s your turn.

Clinton: I’m sorry, George, I don’t answer questions from reporters.