Putin Tells Russian Military to Keep Up Speed of Modernization

Russia has increased the pace of modernization of its armed forces and should maintain it, while removing any military dependence on foreign imports, President Vladimir Putin said.

It’s important for Russia’s defense industry to become more self-sufficient and to replace imports from neighboring Ukraine as well as from some countries in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Putin said on Tuesday at a meeting in Sochi with defense officials and military officers.

“We will raise the level of our own producers and their independence from suppliers,” Putin said as he began a series of meetings on Russia’s military production. “All questions relating to the allocation of adequate resources have been resolved.”

Russia began optimizing the structure of its army in the past year and practically all state orders for equipment were completed amid “active renewal” of weaponry, Putin said. The proportion of modern equipment should rise to 32 percent for ground forces, to 40 percent for paratroopers and to 33 percent for the airforce by the end of this year, he said.

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