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These Companies Will Pay for Your Vacation

The latest in perks you wish you had: A free trip abroad, paid for by your employer
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Delta Cockins just got back from an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris, care of her employer, Betabrand. Her company covered the cost of a “wonderful” hotel next to the Louvre and an “amazing direct flight,” says Cockins, an inventory planner at the San Francisco-based online retailer. Her co-workers pitched in $500 for spending money, and Cockins used the cash to buy her first pair of Christian Louboutin heels. “I’m always going to say Betabrand owns one of those shoes,” she says. 

Cockins’s journey was part of Betabrand’s FlyAway program. Every six to eight weeks a lucky someone from the office gets sent abroad, and the company covers airfare and lodging. To qualify for the deal, the employee can’t have traveled outside the country—ever. Cockins, 41, never had a passport. Betabrand also expects the globe-trotting employee to stay connected through social media and deliver a companywide trip report afterward.