Embraer Expects Demand for 1,500 Jets in the Asia Pacific Region

Embraer SA, Brazil’s biggest planemaker, expects demand for regional jets in Asia Pacific to reach 1,500 in the next two decades as economic growth encourages more people to fly.

China alone is expected to need 900 aircraft with 70-130 seats in the next 20 years, Paulo Cesar Silva, head of Embraer’s commercial jet business, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television in Singapore.

“We see a tremendous opportunity,” Silva said. “The whole of Asia Pacific has a lot of opportunities as the economies are growing and more people are flying. It is the region that will grow the most worldwide.”

Economic growth in Asia Pacific is boosting the numbers of middle class, enabling them to spend more on air travel. Passenger traffic in the region is expected to rise nearly 5 percent a year for the next two decades and China is poised to become the world’s biggest travel market, according to the International Air Transport Association.

Embraer also is targeting India and Indonesia as more people in those countries opt to fly rather than take trains or roads, Silva said. Some routes could be more suitable for smaller, narrow-body aircraft, he said.