The World's Craziest Chinese Stock Chart Just Broke

Shares of Beijing Baofeng Technology miss a step.

Chinese stocks have been on a massive bull run.

Photographer: ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

On Monday we took at look at some of the crazy stock movements in China.

Beijing Baofeng Technology, which went public in March was the standout stock with its share price increasing by the allowable daily limit of 10 percent every single day since it launched.

Beijing Baofeng stock price - Bloomberg

News this morning out of Shanghai is that the incredible staircase-like run of the company is finally over.

That is not to say that the stock suffered a reversal -- it still closed higher in the session -- but 'only' by 5.89 percent.


The broader Shanghai index closed lower for the second day in a row, with some now calling for an end to the index's 883-day bull market.